Last words of the parachutists:

"We will not surrender. Never. We are Czech."


An authentic site of a significant World War II battle in Prague,
in a long time concealed shelter, which was provided by Czech Orthodox church to Czecho-slovakian parashutists from 27.5.1942 - 18.6.1942 after the attack on Reinharda Heydrich. Military operation against Heydrich "Anthropoid" was waged by Czechoslovakian exile govenment in London an belongs to "the most important acts of resistance in European sense" (V. Havel, 1992).

The mission of the Memorial:
is primarily to provide truthful interpretation of the Heydrich terror epoch and emphasis of the testimony to reverence and admiration to the soldiers and participants of the non-communist resistance, emphasis of the testimony to their voluntarily and even involuntarily sacrifice for freedom of the Czechoslovakian Republic in the time of Nazi occupation (1938 - 45).

The Memorial consists of:

  • The Czech Orthodox cathedral of saints Cyril a Methodeus
  • The Crypt under the cathedral - sacred place
  • Permanent exhibition in the hall
  • Lecture hall and videoroom

    Memorial owner is The Prague´s City Hall, the activity is performed by the church spiritual service, exhibition is installed by The Military History Institute in Prague.


    Opening hours and contact (here)